Go short!
It took quite a long time for me to execute a decision to cut my long wavy hair. Ah, why?
First, many people loved my long hair. Some said that it looked sexy, some said that it looked feminine, and some said that it was perfect for my chubby cheek.
I got bored of it. I have been having the same hairstyle for more than 2 years noe, and it's just BORING! So, I felt an urgency to do a bit extreme make-over. I wanted to feel fresh, more energetic and beautiful, and I thought, go shortie would help me much.
So, just like what other ordinary girls do, I asked for people's opinion before deciding.
Funny thing was, most boys said "NO, we love your long hair" and most girls said "YES, go ahead, make a change!"
Ah, even Mars-Venus rules rule the hair-cut case!
But I was true with my willingness to change. So in a hot afternoon I went to Eno salon, my favorite place to refresh my style. And yes, you can see the result. I feel FRESH. More energetic, and I think, sexy look has nothing to do with your haircut, as long as you feel sure of yourself, and as long as you have real inner sexy aura.
So girls... make over? WHY NOT?