Mid Way

A question on where should I belong blocked my mind.

When I was in the world of physical beauty, people said that I was smart, but not beautiful enough to be displayed on screen. I fit as a person behind the screen who should do the thinking, not to be the front liner.

Now when I work in the world of trully brainy people, they said that I am too pretty to be smart. They agreed that the works that fit me is the works where I am displayed, and not doing too many thinking. Some says that I don't fit in community work because I am a high-level communicator. I am not for the grassroot.

Sigh. Does beauty always equal to less brainy, and smartness always equals to less pretty?

It breaks my heart a little. I just want to be a useful person, wherever I am. Some says that if you want to be a successful person, you must be outstanding. There must be something extra that you offer. You can't sit on two chairs if you want to sit still. You must be defined. Absolutely something. Distinguished. Like separated black and white circles, without grey insersection area.

But then I think it over. When there's two different opinions from two different groups then maybe I am in the grey zone.

When I am in a mid way like this, then I have more ways to walk on in any business. I can be close to both black and white circle, while I still have a space in grey. Behind or in front of the screen, my less smart brain or my less pretty face will work, together or solely. And the only business I want to be is the business of building a better place to live for everyone.
Maybe not a place, but SOME places then. :)