People who know me always say that I always smile.

And this is, my happy smile, part of my absolute identity for you! ;-)


I started my acquitance with broadcasting world in 1997, in my campus' radio. I realized that microphone should be fit the context of "macro" when I started my first special feature report on colussion and nepotism in my academic world. I remember how upset the lecturers were, when they found that we were trying to dig deeply into the fact that the families of elite civitas academica got special access to the seats in our university...

In 1998, I saw many microphones in my beloved country enhanced the voice of the demonstators, striving for reform.

Later in early 2000's, I worked with microphones that entertained people, and in 2002, I learned more about entertaining and giving values thru my microphone. I entered radio journalism, and I swear that I finally found my way. With my microphone I talked with politicians, economy analysts, HIV bearers, and many others in talkshows and vox pops.

With my microphone, I can spread good messages to the community, and hopefully, touch people's heart.

Microphone, for me, has a 'macro' meaning now...