Jakarta - Albany, August 2008

The long journey to Albany...
I departed from Jakarta with Kris, Alex and Mira. We will take different flights from Singapore. It was a nice flight with Qatar Airways, with pretty good salad and pretty flight attendants. Now we are waiting for flights to USA. More than 30 hours to go to arrive in Albany. Next stops are Tokyo - Chicago - and finally, Albany, NY.

Changi Airport, Singapore, 02.40 - 07.15
First transit, sleepy, but we are trying to fight it at the Coffee Beans. I'm having good hot chocolate, and fun talks. The internet connection is good, we only need to register our phone no., and e-mail address to Wireless@sg. I took the photos with my laptop's camera. :-)

Me 'n my hot chocolate

Kris, and his journal...

Mira and Alex in front of me
We'll move to UA Check In Counter now, hope to get some connection in Narita so I can upload more pictures! :)