Winter Wonderland

me, photo album & grandpére

Weekend, 17-18-19 February
My man always understands my inner wishes. Sometimes I don't have to ask, he just suddenly gives me the things that I always wished to had, like the weekend I spent one week ago...

Vendredi, 17 Février 2006
I finished my school at 17:30. The redesvouz point is Gare du Lyon, 3rd floor, next to the platform for long-distance train. The family, as usual, paid so much attention on me. They were worried if I couldn't meet Jeff at that station, because it's just soooo BIG.

Well, it wasn't that difficult, especially because I had been there and took the trains for the trips during AEVE 2004.

You know what kinda train that Jeff prepared for my trip? The TGV!
I found him exactly after the departure platform announced. We departed at 19:04. Ontime. From inside, TGV is not as fantastic as I imagined. The space for the feet is not as wide as Indonesian executive class train. The food is expensive, but the salad was OK.
When it's speeding, we can feel the different air pressure blows in our ear. Run! 300km/hour..

We arrived at our destination with main purpose to visit Jeff grandparents in Annecy at 23:00. It was soooooo freeeeeziiiingggg...
my man and the grandparents

Annecy is way colder than Paris. It is located along the Alps mountains, with beautiful landscape view of snowy mountains, a lake and an old town part...

the lake and the mountain

with the boat, and bared trees

it was just windy...

where'll I go next?

...old Annecy!

funny trees near the city hall

Samedi, 18 Février...
After Annecy, we moved to Roche sur Foron, a town on 600m altitude, to visit Michel and Monik, Jeff's cousin. Roche sur Foron's name came from 'Roche' or 'the Rock' where a medieval castle is standing still, and Foron is the name of the river flowing along the town.

Monik prepared a nice dinner for us, the special food of that region, that consist of baked potato and meat, covered by melted cheese. We bake the potatoes and melted the cheese on the table. It was just, hum, YUMMY! Michel and Monik live with their son, Marc, in a nice house where we can see all georgeous view around. The castle, the mountains... and the good thing of the men in that family is: they all can cook, while they are also good sport players. I found many paintings made by Monik in almost every rooms in the house. Beautiful. We talked until almost midnight...

Dimanche, 19 Février
One of the topics that we talked about in the night is the fact that I've never touched the snow at all in my life. So, the family prepared a nice trip for me: Visiting the ski station! Many Chalets, or wooden houses along the way up, and there were more and more snow as we climbed up, with the clouds underneath us. It was just played David Foster's 'Winter Wonderland' in my head... And, we reached 1200m altitude here:

The Ski Station!

snow in my hand, and people skiing behind

with Michel&Monik

white snow...

a walk in the cloud

the castle on the 'Roche' (rock)

medieval Roche sur Foron

Marc, Me & Michel at the train station

Time to say goodbye...

We arrived in Paris at 23:00. What a nice weekend!

Thanks Jeff, Monik-Michel-Marc, and grandparents...