Life for Sell

I love gardening during my weekend. Yesterday I moved the water lilies into a new clay basin, and I needed some fish in the water to prevent the mosquitos from breeding there.

So, I went to an aquarium shop. Asking for "nila" fish, a kind of mini carpfish that likes to eat larvae. I asked the seller, how much should I pay for them.
"U can get 3 fish for Rp. 1000"
I was surprised. That cheap? For your information, US $ 1 is equal to Rp. 9300.
So with $ 1, you can get 27 fish? :-o

I don't know why, suddenly I was thinking of a funny idea: how would I feel if my life was for sell, and I only worth for Rp. 333,33 ? (it's not even a cent in US dollar rate!)

Will I feel insulted?
Will I be sad?
Will I be happy because it means that I can go in group with my buddies, as people would tend to buy us as a whole package?
Hum, what would my fish think?
blup-blup-blupppp....(*bubles in the water*, are they answering?)