Time and Chance

"Time and chance, happened to them all..." (Color Me Badd-Time and Chance the Album)
See the picture above, I was with my beloved friends from SSEAYP. Time and chance, I think we are the ones who are gifted by beautiful things in life. Alhamdulillaah..
Time and chance. By the end of the year, my thoughts are so much on them. Did I pass this year well? Am I happy? Will I be happier next year? Will I get thru more breathaking moments? Will I still be in love? Will I still be loved? Will I be given the chances?
Sometimes I feel ashamed towards my beloved God. He has given me so much, maybe too much for not-so-good me... Chances, chances, chances, million chances, and millions of seconds to breath in happiness. Like this week, like today.
This year I spent so much happy times for my personal life. I left all the hectic days at work and lived my life as a traveler, a gardener, a cook, a baby sitter for my cute nephew, and above all, a good student who tries to finish her thesis :p.
But many people asked where I have been. Feeling sorry that I left bright careers, while I felt happy. I felt agitated to have people's reactions when they know that I spent most of my time home and away, until I would like to get back the comfort of starting a career.
Somehow my mum is like a fortune teller. Follow what she says and everything will be ok. Once, 3 weeks ago, she told me, "get your graduation cerificate soon, and soon the jobs will come to you."
I was in lazy moments to go to my campus to take care of administration stuffs, but I then remembered that I had 3 times postphoning my graduation. So, I moved fast.
Just when I met one of my thesis examiners, he offered me to teach my juniors in my faculty. "How if some times in the future you help us to teach public speaking and MC techniques?"
Chance. A very good chance. So I said yes and gave him my business card.
Then yesterday. I went to a language school to have a TOEFL test. I just want to possess TOEFL score to support my CV. I finished 10 minutes before the time was up. Then, a woman corrected my answer sheet and came up with a question:
"Where do you study?"
"English Department"
"Look, you got very good score, and we still need a part time teacher. If you would, please join us and drop your CV tomorrow."
I was stunned. My TOEFL scored 603. Another good chance. I came back with BIG smile.
Then I went to my campus to get my temporary graduation certificate. I felt so relieved that finally I finished my study.
Then at home I got a call from the production house where I work part time. "We got new tape. Can you come for VO recording tomorrow?"
I thought it was the repetation of the offer. 3 days ago I started go get an offer to be the narrator for TV ads.
I was talking to my mum about that offer at home when my phone rang. It was a call from Aceh. A call from my dream working place, an international organization. I was asked to have interview for the next day. I was stunned. And told my mum. "Gosh, you're really a fortune teller!"
So, this morning I sat by my phone. I was all nervous. I was so excited to have chance to be interviewed for my dream job, where if I will be accepted, I will serve community development projects in Aceh...
Another chance, a very good chance.
But was surprised to find that there were 3 interviewers. I thought I would just get typical HR questions, but apparently this long distance interview was efficiently used as the general interview to find out my knowledges on project management, disaster risk reduction and sustainability of the projects.
Indeed, I was not ready. I should've read back my management books. I regretted some of my incomplete answers. "I should've mentioned the preliminary actions to prevent the risk..ah, I forgot to mention about urban planning, building construstions... I forgot this..that..."
Time and chance. I believe that God is planning something beautiful for me, no matter if I can or
cannot take that job...
Then I went to post office to post another application, for the post of International Program Staff in a well-recognized uni in Yogya. I dropped shortly at a fish market to relax, seeig beautiful fish and bought some more Kois, japanese gold fish. I felt thankful that I could still see those pretty fish swam in a little glass aquarium next to my mum's sanseveira pot.
Noon. I rushed to have my lunch then drove to my PH. It took 45 minutes as usual, and I after finishing my VO part, I was asked to record my voice for the bumper in. I remembered how I cried whenever I watch the reality show where I involve. I feel thankful to be part of that program, releasing nice people from debts, seeing happy people, giving them chances, moving the hearts of others to help... Even I would prefer to be the presenter, I still love my tiny participation in that program. :)
After recording session, I found that I got 25% higher salary. Wow. :) It was a bonus for contributing my voice for the bumper in. (makasih mas Chris! :p)
Another producer was waiting in theater room. He offered me to be the presenter of an educative national TV game show that will be produced soon, so I was casted shortly with 4 judges in. Only 25 minutes, lots of fun and laugh. Ah, another time, and a very good chance...
At 15:00 I sat in front of this computer to wait for the written test exam from that international orgaization. In my mind I imagine that one day I will write my post graduate thesis on "Communicating the Disaster"... then work more for the people in my country, in the world, wherever I will be needed...
I thought so much all the way. I am a very fortunate person. I have so many choices of life, and Godbless me. I am ashamed to remember when I cried and upset because of such little sadness and disappointments while He always gives me more happiness. More times, more chances...
I haven't decided yet where I would be, I don't even know whether I will be chosen, but I feel so fortunate to have given all those opportunities to chose.
I wish wathever it is, I will have a chance to share my happiness and luck with others who are unhappy and unfortunate.
Alhamdulillaahirabbil Alamiin...
Merciful, lovingful Allah, thank you.
Hope the happiness are yours too, my friends...