Stranger by The Day

Jakarta, a Friday Afternoon.
Feels strange today. Almost losing the space orientation, after buzzling weeks of travelling, new events, up and down feelings.

I'm now sitting in the 19th floor of Ratu Plaza, in training room that I have been in for almost 3 weeks. I feel that the training schedule is so horribly ineffective: begin at 10 am (or even later) and finish at 4 pm (or even sooner). Today is the worst. I was rushing to get back to Jakarta last night, even it looks ridiculous to travel hundreds of kilometers just to have a one-day training before weekend comes. The reason of that ridiculous come-back is my responsibility to perform an actually active participation of the station I am representing.

I leave all personal matters behind this duty. My love life, so many additional jobs that actually can flow more cash into my personal account. I have many other productive hours in my hometown, hours that can give me chances to change or organize something.

No new lessons since this morning.
Tiring. Boresome. Ineffective.
I'd rather be in other place...