I am Face-hooked!

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I'm Face-hooked!
I joined Facebook 3 months ago and can't stop trying and adding the applications... at least until 2 hours ago.

I always open FB page whenever I am connected to internet. I joined the quizzes, sent the gifts and flowers, petted a fluff friends, buying him gifts and foods and minis, took personality tests, joined the cool groups like Fighting Global Warming to "I-have-no-idea-what-is-it-about" group like "people who doesn't sleep enough because they stay up late for no reason". But I did... join that group!

I signed up to FB as my good friends, Des Pallieres couple, invited me. Then realized that there are many good friends and cool people I know out there who sign up and get connected thru it. I was thinking that nothing was new from this social networking site, and I was hesitated to start it up as I have a Friendster account with more than 300 friends already. 300? hm, it's really NOTHING. There are millions other users of this kind of social networking site who listed more friends.

A friend who introduced me much to gift applications was Rose. I started to feel flattered with the roses, chocolate candies or LV bag gifts and wanting to share more to my buddies. :)

I know I was starting to get hooked by Facebook since my second week after my application. I found more and more people that I lost contact with for several month or years were there in the network. As we accepted the invitation to be connected, we are then able to see the updates of each other's life. I found my friend getting engaged, or married or becoming single or being in "it's complicated" relationship, I found my friend moving from Sudan to Somalia, I found that a friend of mine is now living in NYC with his wife and about to host another friend of us there on the day when I arrive, I found my friend had a haircut, getting stuck at an airport or enjoying their days with orangutan in Borneo... :D

The world has been flattening, even in its social networks. The nature of the relationship have been swifted from physical closeness to physical distance, the nature of works and career have been transforming into a vast global connection, where there is need of cutting down physical geographical boundaries. Yet as the people come from where they come from, and move to places they want to move, the line of their movement sometimes cross others' and result to a contact at a sequence of time.

They might be back to their place of origin, or move to new places, then, yet connection has been established, good memories have been endured, and opportunities for future connections are foreseen. The call for connection; the warm feeling of friendship, the need for networking and cooperation, the fun of knowing what's going on are accommodated so well within FB. I recall that it holds the major needs of nowadays' society, to show attention in simple way through gifts, to be admitted at someone with certain character through testimonials, or to raise a social movement through groups. I can see the potential arguments between me and my friend as I join Obama supporter group and he is into Mc Cain for example.

It might look simple for some eyes. However, realizing how the networks accommodate the diverse interests, the liquid relations between millions of people who do not know each other personally but might share very clear identification of who they are and their point of views, their personality type up to their most wanted person in the future, I am stunned. I do find that I found more about the people I know, I did nod as I compare my personality test result to theirs, realizing that knowing them physically didn't show me as clear map as before it shows publicly. Realizing it or not, people tend to open themselves up to virtual world than to the real one. Some of my friends even took the 10 seconds interview application that included a question like "have you ever been caught having sex in public place?", or "do you hold hands in public?"

Very often I laughed at my friends answers or applications. Those really make me feel closer to them. No matter how ridiculous I can be sometimes, reading the pages in the FB makes me feel that I am not alone, and I am not a stranger. However, it also feels crazy how people can be so open about themselves while they realize that everyone can access their information. I really would like to know why and how, what are the drives, from the point of view of psychology to culture. Anyone knows?

Yet, like covered in BBC World's Feature Program title Facehooked that I watched sometimes in May 2008, these information that are shared in FB is a great marketing tool. Where else in the world can you have the extra accurate information about your potential market?

So far I don't have any problem at all with my openness in the FB. I select my friends carefully, making sure that they are the ones I really know or that they are in the circle of my friendship as at least we have more than 2 friends in common, and those friends are the one I really know. So far I enjoy searching more about my friends and my ownself through the site's applications, and have some good laughs there.

So, my favorite question now is; "do you have Facebook?" :)

Education is Education

I spent a weekend at my auntie's home in Salatiga. She was my favorite auntie as I found the she was the most understanding grown-up in my mother's big family. It had been three years that I did not see her, and as my horizon was expanding here and there in those period, I have to admit that I was a little surprised to see her most recent point of view.

There were heating family debates between my auntie, my uncle and their last son. Age-wise, it was not fair situation; a 15-year-old boy fighting with over-50's adults. Yet that is the thing that are so commonly observed in typical Indonesian families, where parents are the authorities of a small state called household.

The fights were for me very interesting, as they argued about the quality of the education that my 15 year-old cousin pursued in a school called as "Alternative School". I have heard about alternative schools, at least in the last five years, but only this weekend the term struck my mind with a question:

Why should it be called as "alternative"?
Why doesn't it just stand as "school"?
Why the education in that school is called as "alternative"?
So what is school that can bear only "school" on its identity, and what is "education" that is called with generic name of "education"?

A little background why my cousin was sent to that alternative school was that my cousin was considered to be "not smart enough" to join the "school". He cannot enjoy reading so that his marks have never reached the score of above 7.00 out of 10.00 overal scoring system for primary education. He was considered to be "bodoh" (from Bahasa Indonesia, literally means "stupid").

Now, let's see the other side.
Curious of proving my auntie's statement that my cousin was stupid, I sat and talked to him about anything related to his laptop. He was doing a little Photoshop session and he showed me a cut of his short movie. I, personally witness that he is not stupid at all. He can communicate very well for a person at his age. In that Alternative School he learns things that he like; from movie making (friends, remember, he's only 15! don't you think it's great?), graphic designing, up to playing in the band.

The system in his school allows any student to learn anything that they are interested in, in very focused and independent way: through internet, field practice, with a facilitator facilitating the interaction process in the class, including in settingup class rules and guiding the pupils to focus on their interests.

In his parents' point of view, however, the place where my cousin goes everyday is not a school. They kept on mentioning that they were ashamed to share with their neighbours or colleagues on where my cousin studies. I cannot deny that fact of shame because I do understand that community at large still perceives education in the following formula:

SCHOOL = education based on determined syllabus + classroom + books + lecture + student sitting tidily with super tidy outfits, in uniform + regular examination + report of the study every end of semester + graduation certificate when the lessons are done.

They cannot accept that an education institution that does not adopt or signify the above-mentioned formula can really be considered as a SCHOOL. Starting from this point then they do not possess any trust to believe that this place is a place where their son is being educated.

Then, I have a question:
If a SCHOOL is aimed to provide EDUCATION FOR ALL, then why can't it satisfy the special needs of young people like my cousin? Despite of its weaknesses, would it be fair to call the place where the children are put into their interest and talent and dig the very best of those as an "alternative" school?
Personally I say, I don't think so.

There is nothing alternative if the fact is the main body that is expected to provide something significant to ensure ALL children are educated cannot provide it. So, I guess it is not appropriate to call my cousin's school as an alternative school. A school is a school. With or without uniform and blackboard, the idea of a school as an education environmentmant that enhance the pupils' knowledge and capability should not put an adjective to the noun like into "alternative school". School is school. Full stop.

Then, if the place that is called "alternative school" can provide "alternative education" that fits students interest and boost their knowledge by practice, much more than what the "schools" can do, should we also question the base of education itself?

What is education?
What is it for?
What do we get from there?
How much is it compatible to my brain?
Will I need these knowledge as my life skills tools?

Can the school that is called as "school" fulfil those education needs?
Education should stay as education. No discrimination or stigma that discriminate the institution that functions as school, to teenager audiences that consist of thousands people with different needs, talents and interests. Every school should fulfil the gap in education with their own expertise. No main school, no alternative subjects.

Not every child who cannot read are stupid. They just have different part of the brain and talents working, where they need place to compensate with less growing pain. They need a space and education that can accommodate the needs, and those, might be the home schooling, or that "alternative school". Then, is it appropriate to still call them as "alternative"? In my opinion, I'd rather call it Accommodative School.
Happy New Academic Year!!! :)

*Just A Note: So, here I am, at 04.39 a.m., taking advantage of my insomnia, writing some thoughts in my head about education in Indonesia...

Come On, People!

This evening I opened Shine by Yahoo!, and my eyes caught something: Who’s the next star to enter the reality arena? Spitzer’s hooker, Ashley Dupré. I am against prostitution, and I hate prostitutes. However I was a little surprised to feel the heat in the comments, especially because I thought that Westerners are more liberal in viewing an issue. Yet seems that the Culture Code, not only here but also at the West perceive prostitution and a prostitute similarly. Here are some comments from the community:

Posted by Erika K 3 hours 54 minutes ago
thats nasty a dating show with a prostitute as your grand prize, which man in his right mind would kiss a woman that has had how ever many d^cks in her mouth and then sum. thats nasty

Posted by nini 3 hours 12 minutes ago
I thought the FCC wanted to keep crap off the tv??? This is awful. Gross people should not be rewarded with fame. Is she expecting to find Mr. Right with all her experience

Posted by elle 2 hours 12 minutes ago
ms. high priced prostitute "wants to eliminate all negativity from her life and focus on the positive??" o.k. this is just downright absurd... and disgraceful. lil ms. hooker should be in a cell - not on television. this so makes me question the judicial system - yet again.

Posted by elle 1 hour 16 minutes ago
springtime ~ she's been used and reused already - over and over again. also, this happens when your cute, this is in no way beautiful, and she does have a brain. a female prostitute brain, the brain that made her use her body to make lots of money, has now upgraded her degrading self to national television.
as far as being replaced ... as much as I dislike what she is/does - this one will probably (with the help of past old/rich clients) make it for a very long time

Posted by werbiefitz 54 minutes ago
Can you see the discussion in millions of homes?? Mommy, Daddy....what's a hooker??? Are they going to show her medical report to potential "dates" so they can be sure they won't catch something from her?? TV has truly sunk to a new low

The key words about the prostitute were nasty, "sick"...("which man in his right mind would...), crap, awful, gross people, absurd and disgraceful, should be in a cell, qustion the judicial system, in no way beautiful, use her body to make lots of money, children qustions, medical report, catch something from her... Semantically there are many connotative meanings there, that I am sure you can read between the line.. Those spotted not only the prostitute but also her customers.
Last Saturday I watched Oprah on Metro TV, featuring Bill Cosby and Alvin F. Poussaint, MD who wrote "Come On People!". Inspirational true events of human beings fighting hardships and succeeding are throughout the book. Come On People addresses the following imperative issues: the need for a positive community; nurturing children; educating children; combating violence and achieving prosperity, and it emphasized so much on wrong things that are going on but being let alone as part of community's life.

One of the issues raised that caught my attention was prostitution, and Cosby was bluntly stated his disagreement towards "It's Hard Out There To Be A Pimp". In his own way he stated the lack of good examples in community, that very often he feels like yelling, "Come On, People!!"

Now, this is my story...
When I was naive, 8-10 years ago or so, I used to be involved in the "empowerment" of sexual workers. I helped promoting the use of condoms and some protective measures to protect them from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. In the name of harm reduction, I used to be told that it was also to protect innocent wives at home from getting the virus from their swinger husbands, and I believed I was sort of doing heroic moves.

I used to ride around my hometown with my old crush, a young and charming doctor to some dim spots of the city, talking to the ones that we were so insisting to call as "sexual workers", and screening their health. It was not rare that the medical examination was done right on the spot, behind the walls of closed stores or big tress, and it was not rare also that I went home after midnight as my old crush was taking time to treat gonnorhea of his patients, also on the spot.

I saw those girls merely as victims. I was so much into black and white opinions, influenced by news in the papers saying that teenagers were sold by the parent, or that they were raped, or that they were dumped by their boyfriends after losing their virginity, or that they are very poor, that they arrived into sexual industry and stayed there. I took so much symphaty on them in the beginning, with my idealistic friends who were dreaming of saving the world.
Yet I knew that there was something wrong. If they were all that suffering, how can they make those giggles? How can they stay so lazy, that very often in the afternoon in Sunan Kuning area, they just sat, chatted, painted their nails, gossiping and teasing any men passing by?

If they were that suffering so much of doing the job, then why do they stay there? Why did any handicraft classes that we held had never produced a girl who pledged, "I'm getting out of this red light district, I will do another business."?

The more I digged deep, the more I talked to them, and the more I lived more hardships in my own life, then the more I know that mostly, being a PROSTITUTE (sorry, I don't wanna use "sexual WORKER" term anymore) is about PERSONAL CHOICE. One thing I remembered so much was when a prostitute proudly told us, "why should I work in other place? my job here is easy. Just laying down, play a little, and I earn much more than those who get sweaty from other job."

Also, I used to have a college mate working as a call girl. She used to persuade me, "Hey, where else in the world you can find money and pleasure coming together as apackage?"

As a woman, who later living serious relationship with man, I felt that it is not fair to always protect those groups of people, who don't care if their customers are married or in relationship, whether they are a young boy persuaded by his friends to try his gut or a nasty ugly old guy. I deconstructed my thoughts, starting to have conservative opinion that the prostitution is a threat to all.

Then actually, from those days on, I started to doubt my choice to assist in reproductive health campaign for them, and gradually I stopped.

As a woman, growing with all possible hardships in life and struggling hard to survive, I found that their statements and view of life are offensive. I that see the maids, laundry girls or cleaning service girls who mop the dirty floors are far much more graceful than those who sell their body, artificial hospitality, fake smiles, basic seducing techniques by basic touch (and stupidly enough, the stupid men are happy to buy it!), selling and buying ANIMAL-like relations, short term, super-shallow, ridiculous, and of course, CHEAP. It is indeed, very very disgusting.

Only weak, foolish, disgraceful, desperate, and dumb woman and man would do those kinds of transactions. If a man, with his money, would ever feel powerful of being able to buy the service, than he is NOT a powerful man at all. A powerful man is a man who can win the real love, real affection, real support. When he needs money to purchase intimacy then he should realize that there is something significant missing from his state of being as a man.

And when a woman is willing to sell her body and soul for some bills and some shallow pleasure of feeling wanted, then it not only her dignity, but also her honesty should be questioned. Many of them living in higher standard than what they can afford with other kinds of job. Then they needed more and more cash, that they got so easily but they never feel enough. I used to work also in an event organizer company, where I saw some of those cute models or sales promotion girls stated that they are happy to have super extra income only by "becoming friend" to some guests for one night or so.

As this world is getting more materialistic, those supply and demand chains are becoming more and more extended. Instead of working hard on improving their working skills or knowledge to reach better place at formal work, there are more girls or boys choosing the shortcut, knowing that their bodies are soldable to a great market of many customers. If they are lucky they can enjoy the nights with good looking customers with good money, thinking and hoping that those customers might really have a crush on them so they can live the Pretty Woman story.

Sadly enough, many have started when they are still teenagers. The saddest thing of that is that also there is inevitable fact showing that the customers DO NOT CARE if the hook up with under-age prostitutes. It is really unethical, especially because adult community should be the protector of children community. But again, what can we expect from careless, foolish man who doesn't even have a power on himself?

Combatting prostitution? Nonsense, as he is still the user of the service itself.

Protecting community? No way. What do he care, if he doesn't even care to sleep with the under ages?

Therefore, I am 1000% agree that any high officials caught to use, or ever use prostitution service should be dismissed from their position. Following Bill Cosby, I'd like to yell, come on people, we can set and live good examples instead of MAKING EXCUSES!

I am happy, despite of major cultural differences, most East and West speak similarly about this issue. Then I think "Come On, People" can speak across the boundaries of cultures and nations. Hopefully. :)

Pulang! (Part 02, Severe Pre-Departure Syndromme)

Di luar kegiatan packing (lihat ceritanya di bawah artikel ini), ada beberapa hal lain yang cukup membuat "sutris" dalam beberapa minggu terakhirku di Aceh. Ngga heran kalau Skype statusku berhari-hari memajang bubble berisi tulisan "severe pre-departure syndromme". Aku benar-benar ngga menyangka kalau pindahan dari Aceh jadi terasa seberat itu...

Bersama sahabat-sahabatku, aku sering berusaha mengurai hukum sebab-akibat lalu mencari solusi. Dengan kebiasaan itu, sekarang di daysofagirl aku bisa berbagi cerita tentang pre-departure syndromme, yang mungkin juga dialami oleh teman-teman saat harus pindah ke tempat baru. Meski ngga semua pre-departure syndromme termanifestasikan dalam kejadian yang sama, aku pengen berbagi cerita, yang semoga bisa bermanfaat buat teman-teman.

Pertama, aku tahu bahwa keparahan sindrom pra-keberangkatanku disebabkan oleh beberapa faktor;

Aku ngga hanya pindah ke SATU tempat. Yang kualami adalah DUA kepindahan drastis dalam waktu yang ngga lama. Yang pertama, dari Aceh yang sibuk ke Semarang, dan dari Semarang ke Albany, NY.

Pindahan pertama (Aceh-Semarang) membuatku harus beradaptasi dari hari-hari super sibuk ke hari-hari super santai. "Lho, yo enak, to?" mungkin ada yang berpikir begitu... tapi suerrr... buatku itu terasa sangat sulit. Badanku pegel-pegel kalo aku hidup nyantei... Lah gimana ya, dalam 10 terakhir ini hidupku padat karya je... Adaaaa aja yang bisa dikerjain. Meski semula berawal dari kebutuhan untuk bertahan hidup, tapi lama-lama ritme ini bikin aku addicted. Otakku ini harus diajak kerja... mulutku ini harus diajak diskusi...

Pindahan kedua membuatku harus menyiapkan diri menjalani hidup yang bener-bener baru. Negara baru, sistem pendidikan baru, status baru... plus semua persiapan administratif yang dibutuhkan, sulit rasanya untuk ngga kepikiran.

Pindahan ke sini lho...

Kedua pindahan ini membuatku "tercabut" dari zona nyaman. Habitatku berubah, mungkin seperti ikan bandeng yang dipaksa berenang di air tawar; megap-megap, jadinya sulit bernafas...

Di Aceh aku punya teman-teman baik, orang-orang yang satu "bahasa", demen diskusi, cepet mikir dan berpendapat, seru, asik, fun, lucu... Terus terang, ini lingkungan paling "klik" yang pernah kupunya di usia dewasaku. Kembali ke rumah berarti memindahkan batin dan pikirku ke kerangka obrolan dan pergaulan yang jauh berbeda. Ditambah lagi keadaan di Semarang, di mana teman-teman terdekatku semua sudah hijrah ke luar kota, aku merasa seperti ikan layang-layang yang dipaksa berenang sendirian... Sepi... ngga seru... ;(

Di Semarang, saat batinku dekat dengan Bintang, ponakanku yang lucu, ngga lama kemudian aku harus berpindah ke tempat baru. Rasanya seperti patah hati.

bukan cuma teman kerja, tapi juga teman baik... :)

Aku tetap yakin bahwa aku akan bisa beradaptasi dengan cepat. Masalahnya, Aceh bukan hanya tempat kerja, tapi juga tempat hidupku. Ada rasa sayang, attachment, kebahagiaan yang terbangun dengan orang-orang di sekitarku. Demikian pula Semarang, di sini ada keluargaku. Meski nantinya hari-hari akan terlewati, tapi ada bagian-bagian yang tercabik dari hati yang rasanya sedikit membuat sedih dan kehilangan. Berikut sederet gejala severe pre departure syndromme yang kurasakan:
  • Sleeping disorder, alias gangguan tidur.
  • Blank. Gampang lupa, kehilangan memori, susah konsentrasi. Dampaknya? susah banget nyelesein kerjaan di kantor, lemot banget saat packing, padahal deadline handover kerjaan semakin mepet...
  • Feeling up and down. Jadi murung, tapi juga excited ngebayangin mau sekolah lagi.

Nah trus, gimana dong? Jawabannya, susahhhhh... banget men-switch kondisi itu. Yang bisa kulakukan adalah;

  • Berusaha tidur (meski ujung-ujungnya terbangun juga malam-malam)
  • Tulis semua perasaan, pikiran atau kekhawatiran yang dirasakan dalam bentuk positif. Misalnya, saat aku khawatir ngga dapat apartemen yang layak, aku akan menulis, "I will live in a very nice place." (inspired by The Secret-nya Rhonda Bryne :p)
  • Membayangkan kegiatan-kegiatan menyenangkan yang bisa dilakukan dimanapun aku berada. Aku bikin wishlist: les gitar, les vokal, gamelan, tari, spa 2x sebulan, ke gym, main bersama bintang, makeover kamar tidur, dll. Mulai minggu ini aku sudah mulai les gitar dan vokal, dan minggu lalu aku sudah makeover kamar. Hm, menyenangkan juga...
  • Diskusi dengan tim kerja, sampaikan hambatan emosional yang sedang kuhadapi dan meminta pengertian plus dukungan mereka.
  • Tetap berusaha konsentrasi saat kerja, memotivasi diri, meski merasa kalo tingkat kecerdasanku turun ke level 20% doang...
  • Bikin check list, apa saja yang belum dan perlu dikerjakan. Saat-saat blank biasanya memori otak terbatas. Check list membantu aku tetap perform dengan baik.
  • Sharing dengan teman-teman dekat, have fun dengan mereka, atau sekedar ngobrol lamaaa... liburan bareng (seperti aku dan Lany :D), atau at least having someone to hug. :">
  • Merasa tetap dicintai dan menyayangi orang-orang di sekitar kita sangat membantu dalam masa-masa bluey. Thanks to my housemates, "the double Lany!" :)

Sekarang aku di Semarang. Masih rada-rada blank juga kadang-kadang, untung ada teman-teman... yang meski jauh, tapi tetap supportive dan sayang!

"H" is for Hope, Happy, Happiness, Habibi, Healing, Hug."
atau... "H is for Helipad! hehehehe..."

Pulang! (Part 01, Packing Heboh)

Akhirnya, setelah hampir 18 bulan di Aceh, aku pulang ke Semarang.
Buatku pulang, mampir dan mudik itu beda lho. Meski di Aceh, sebetulnya dalam 18 bulan ini aku sempat juga 5 kali mampir ke Semarang dan satu kali mudik. Tapi baru kali ini aku pulang. Bingung ngga? hehehe...

Aku "mampir" ke Semarang saat ada tugas ke Jakarta, atau pas kebetulan sempat "nyelip" di sela-sela liburan seperti saat aku nonton Java Jazz bulan Maret lalu. Namanya juga mampir, aku paling lama tinggal di Semarang 3 hari, dengan barang bawaan seadanya, plus (kalo sempat beli) sedikit oleh-oleh. Aku "mudik" 10 hari saat lebaran. Barang bawaannya lumayan banyak, tapi tetap kalah banyak dengan barang bawaan saat "pulang". Pokoknya total biaya pengiriman barang via kantor pos sampai 1,8 juta lebih sedikit dan biaya over-luggage Garuda 900 ribu lebih.

Ngga kebayang bakal begini, padahal aku sudah merelakan spring bed, rak buku dan lemariku tertinggal di Aceh. Waktu packing yang dibutuhkan total hampir seminggu, dengan hasil 2 kopor buesarrr, 2 kopor kecil, 2 kardus besar dan satu box kayu berisi kulkas. Repotnya? Jangan tanya... Aku sampai heran, kok bisa ya, kamar kosku yang mungil itu menampung semua barang ini? :D

Komentar Bbz-kyu saat menjemput aku pagi-pagi sebelum ke airport mencerminkan hebohnya pindahanku; "are you sure you've packed out and sent your things before?" ... mengingat saat dia datang, barang-barangku masih berserakan di mana-mana. :D

Yang jelas, ada beberapa pelajaran yang bisa kubagi buat teman-teman yang berencana "back for good" (istilah teman-teman di Aceh nih...):

  1. Mulai packing paling tidak 2 minggu sebelum keberangkatan.
  2. Pilih barang-barang yang benar-benar perlu untuk dibawa, terutama barang-barang yang paling kita sayangi. (Sampai-sampai aku bawa 2 kuntum kamboja pink kering yang dikasih si Habibi pada suatu pagi... :">). Bila perlu, buat daftar inventory secermat mungkin.
  3. Kirim barang-barang yang cukup berat (yang bikin berat kardus dan koperku kebanyakan buku-buku kesayangan) via courier service atau layanan paket pos. Thanks to Pak Suhendra dan Bang Alfi, yang sudah berbagi info tentang layanan paket pos. Di perusahaan courier service langgananku pelayanannya memang bagus, tapi harganya 4 kali lipat. Bayangin aja, seandainya aku kirim via perusahaan itu, biayanya lebih dari 6 juta!
  4. Meski paket pos mengepak barang-barang kita dengan sangat baik, ngga ada salahnya untuk tetap mengepak dengan baik dari rumah. Koper-koper yang lama tidak terpakai karena handle-nya rusak bisa menjadi kotak kemasan buku yang baik dan kuat.
  5. Kirim barang-barang itu paling tidak 3 hari sebelum tanggal kepulangan. Tujuannya adalah untuk memastikan bahwa kita akan menemui barang-barang itu saat sampai di rumah.
  6. Hindari mengirim baju atau barang yang sangaaaattt kita sukai, yang ngga mungkin kita dapatkan lagi, via pos atau kurir. Sebaik apapun layanan mereka, selalu saja ada kemungkinan kerusakan atau kehilangan. Meski barang yang kita kirim diasuransikan, pasti sedih banget rasanya kalau sampai ada gaun kesayangan kita yang hilang.
  7. Periksa ulang, apa lagi yang bisa dikirim. Timbang dengan teliti barang-barang yang rencananya akan kita bawa saat kita terbang... jangan sampai kejadian seperti akyu... perasaan sih yang dibawa ngga banyak... tapi ternyata over luggage sampai 30 kilo! :D (parah bangetss...hehehe...). Walhasil, di pagi itu aku "gedandapan" cari ATM di Bandara Sultan Iskandar Muda. Secara, bandaranya masih baru, ATM-nya juga belum berfungsi... malahan, mesinya masih dibungkus plastik! hehehe... Untung masih bisa gesek di counter GA. Fiuhh...
Akhirnya, setelah semua kehebohan itu... ternyata masih ada dua barang berharga ketinggalan di kamar! Tas strap Comme-Ca ism hadiah dari adek ipar dan sabuk putih kesukaanku ternyata masih tergantung di kapstok kamar kos-ku di Banda... dan aku baru teringat saat memandang kapstok di kamarku di Semarang! Whaduuuhhhh....

Di saat seperti ini, yang bisa jadi penyelamat adalah teman satu kos yang baik hati. :D Aku telpon Uni Lany, yang langsung bajanji mengirim barang keramat itu ke Semarang. Makasih, Uni! :-*

Yak, ini baru cerita soal packing. Masih ada cerita lainnya tentang "pulang"...

Semoga kehebohan ini ngga perlu terjadi lagi saat aku pulang dari bumi Paman Sam tahun 2010 nanti. At least, sekarang aku sudah banyak belajar. :)

*Special thanks to: Jiji, Uni Lany, Pak Suhendra, Pak Basri, Bang Alfi, Bang Mursal, dan Pak Marsoni: Branch Manager LogistcsPos PT. Pos Indonesia Banda Aceh. Without you, moving my luggages out of Aceh will be impossible!