Unkay. Since the first time I heard that name I always felt that the name is such a cute name. I found that name one month ago, when I was visiting my school library. Suddenly a librarian came to me and said that there was a Mexican photographer who was searching for Indonesian faces to be the photo object for a European Community project.

Then I wrote my name and my mobile phone number, and he gave me that name. Unkay.
I was in huge curiousity, on how a female professional photographer should look like, and on how it feels to be photographed by her in beautiful Paris. Then I opened her homepage. There was nothing much I could find...

Days went so slow when I was waiting for confirmation on the photo project, and, one day my Indonesian classmate, Lisa, told me that another Indonesian girl in Alliance Français, Rika asked us to be together in a photo session with Unkay.

I was a bit disappointed when Unkay couldn't come on a Monday afternoon that she was promised before. But the next day, I was stunned. I was amazed to see her. I kept on saying my admiration. "The photographer is much more beautiful than the models...."

Yes, she's just GEORGEOUS. With her long dark hair, dark eyes and tanned skin, she looked so perfect and warm with her big smile. I felt warm to be around her. That first afternoon we signed a letter that certify our agreement to have our picture being used for the publication related to the project for four years.

I enjoyed being Unkay's model. She didn't speak much English, so she directed us in french, and voila, see the beautiful works of Unkay for us... the Indonesian students in Paris.

Merci beaucoup, Cher Unkay!