Delicious Loenpia

Loenpia, or the spring roll, ou roulleau de printemps, is definitely delicious. It's the famous typical food of Semarang, and I love it!

I discovered another delicious meaning of Loenpia here in my hometown. I found, Semarang bloggers community...

I encouraged myself to apply as one of "tukang loenpia" (our term for "member"- literally it means "loenpia maker") last month, and I found nice people there. ;-) They are very helpful, and they accept a totally amateur blogger like me :">

It always feel good when we meet people with similar interests. Not only that we love to blog, but we also have the same dream of popularize the internet based technology to the community.

Supported by tukang loenpia who have strong IT backgrounds, offers trainings and workshops for any groups of communities who would like to learn more about internet. Voluntary spirit is hihly required in this mission.

Funtastically enough, those IT experts in loenpia give us, the amateurs, chances to assist them in the trainings. :-) The positive atmosphere has been constructing nice relationship and friendship between us. Girls are also warmly welcomed in this community, and we, the girls feel comfortable here...

Not only that we work on our hobby, but we also share the knowledge, laughters, jokes, CDs, and very often, photos! :-) We love to be photographed, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. :"> Thanks to Fany, the sweet girl, who always brings her camera then shares all her pics with us... the photos here are her courtesy.

The muslim tukang loenpia always take time to pray together too, even we are in the middle of busy training sessions. Maybe we are inspired by the statement written on this banner: hahahaha... :-)

So, that was a little story of my new discovery. A "delicious" community named :-)

(*thanks jeng Fany, for the pics!)