The Death of A Salesman

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Linguistics studies are my majors, yet to finalize my study I had to pass the comprehensive exams on English literatures too.

So I learned some old scripts of Oedipus Rex, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet to get ready to answers the questions on classic dramas. As for the contemporary drama, I picked the script of "The Death of A Salesman" written by Arthur Miller to learn at the beginning of this week since my examiner said that I must prepare myself for a discussion on contemporary drama. Thus I red also some analysis on it, but shortly I would just say that it touched me for the representations of human characters and life's ups and downs.

The flashbacks are also interesting. How men can't ever predict their future and how their life would be, and how in hypocracy man can be a perfect figure in front of the other's eyes... It is true that even Willy Loman, the salesman is just an ordinary man, unsuccesfull, even powerless figure, yet he is no less worthy than the tragic heroes in the other tragic scenes. He was a perfect father in the eyes of his sons, and the tragic flaw brought him misfortune.

At the end, the tragedy raised the pity, bittersweet feeling and the fear. Me, I was terrified too! Life is just so unpredictable. It would be a misfortune if life around us ends in tragedy, as the one happened in Loman's family...