songs that I miss

Brum-brum... I hit the road on my black honda. Extremely hot afternoon. But nice songs played in my head. Favorite songs that I love so much, the ones I love to play in the afternoon like this. Mundo Kane's "New York Afternoon"!

Then when I turned to a shady road, the song changed into Randy Crawford's "Look Who's Crying Now".. dunno why... but I've just realized how I miss that oh-so rarely played songs...

Then I also miss Ai No Corrida, Malibu, Twilight World, Lalala Means I Love You, Rio de Janeiro Blue... and regret myself: why didn't I record them when I was working in radio?

Hm, I think that was because I respect the intellectual rights..but.. gosh, it's so difficult to find some of those songs in store now. haou...:(( It's torturing me when I miss them like now...

Just wished that tonight I would find them in the radio. :**

"our love has come, started in a new york afternoon..."