Boney M

It’s a hot evening, and I feel lazy. Something in my head said that I must do something groovy to lite up my mood. I must play “Sunny”.

I don’t know since when exactly I started to fall in love to the groove of classic disco. It has been a huge curiosity that tonight I try to recall my memory.

I try to look back to my past and I found that maybe it started since I was an unborn baby. My father loved to play Boney M in beautiful weekends since I haven’t been born, continued until I grew up as a little girl, and until some days before he passed away.

Whenever I listen to Boney M’s songs my head is filled with the image of warm sunshine, the days when I saw my father tapped his feet to the rhythm with smile on her face. :-)

I love Boney M, Quincy Jones, Earth Wind and Fire, and many other disco legends. However for me the most inspiring disco music is First Be a Woman by the Disco Queen, Gloria Gaynor. I feel that she says clearly how a woman should be.

As for Boney M that I’m listening now, I feel that Rasputin casts his spell on me to move and smile. I feel that when Sunny is played I see the brighter day. Ma Baker rhythm brought me to the dark but groovy sides of Chicago...

Most of the classic disco songs can bring the smile back on my face, in any moods. I used to escape to the production room when I felt exhausted after the long working hour just to play some pieces of disco, put the headphone on my ears, closed my eyes and danced to the music. What a perfect relieve!

I think classic disco is magic. The beat goes with my heart beat and fills my mind with passions. I feel warm, filled, moved, happy and above all, optimistic. Dance, on boogie this sunny day, and stayin' alive! :-)