Be Punctual!

Belakangan ini aku lagi merasakan culture shock seputar ketepatan waktu alias punctuality. Padahal yang ada selama aku jauh dari Indonesia aku selalu jadi manusia paling telat... tapi baru-baru ini, ketika balik lagi, aku selalu jadi manusia yang datang paling awal... bingung deh. :(

Nih contohnya:
Technical Meeting.
Venue: the studio of a local TV channel
Scheduled at 14:00

The producer said that in 19 Sept morning he would re-confirm the time line. In fact I got no phone calls! I tried to call him, but his phone was off...

So, I arrived 15 minutes late because I took the wrong route. But, among 7 expected attendants, only 3 came on time...and the last meeting attendant arrived at... 15:40! tsk-tsk-tsk...

The Show
Venue: Faculty of Letters Diponegoro University
Scheduled to be started at 10:00
MC was expected to arrive at 09:30, the latest.
Wardrobe was expected to be ready at 09:30
Merchandise for games show was expected to be ready at 09:00

So, I arrived at 09:15.
But, the other MC arrived at... 10:20 !
Wardrobe arrived at 09:50
Merchandise hum... arrived at 10:15
Event started at 10:50...

Capek deh gueeeeee!!!! :((
It feels weird to be punctual here...