Democrazy, Bureaucrazy, Low Enforcement 1

First of all, I must ensure you that there is nothing wrong with the three terms I wrote as the title.

Some many terms that sound similar to some certain terms are created to state the states in this country. In linguistic studies we call them as minimum pairs, where the sounds are similar but they have different meanings.

It would be good if the terms used to state the states in my country are the minimum pairs of “fantastic” and “FUNtastic” that sounds positive. Unfortunately, in contrary to that expectation, at the time being the most popular terms are “bureaucrazy” instead of “bureaucracy”, “democrazy” instead of “democracy”, and the latest term I discovered tonight was “low enforcement” instead of “law enforcement”.

Bureaucrazy represents the craziness of bureaucratic procedures that any people in Indonesia must experience to get any legality. Allow me to quote a report from Jakarta Post published in the first week of September: …Indonesia remains one of the most difficult places in the world to do business, and it may be getting worse, the latest report from the World Bank shows.
Indonesia was cited for reducing the time and cost needed to start a business, but progress on other issues -- registration and licensing, tax payment, employment, trade, financing and contract enforcement -- remained almost stagnant.

While it now takes only 97 days -- from 151 days -- to set up an enterprise in Indonesia, and at a reduced cost of 86.7 percent -- from 101.7 percent -- of the country's per capita income, it still takes almost a year to get through the tangle of licensing.

It also takes another month's time each for paying taxes and clearing customs, as well as almost two years to settle labor issues.

Hum, see, how long can it be to settle something up in Indonesia? Not only in business, even just to get married we must have a bunch of letters and submit another bunch of citizenship documents…

However, the government promises to cut off the long chain and reform the system into the simpler one. Hope it works well.

to be continued...